How The Plan Works

Get a true dental plan with just copays on all dental work. No waiting periods or annual maximums.

Find out everything you need to know about the dental plan in this informative video:

Open Enrollment is Through October 31st

For a limited time, we are offering individuals a top-notch dental plan usually only available to businesses as a group plan where you are only responsible for a copay for any and all dental services! Copays are typically 80-90% less than what you would pay without insurance!

The plan includes two parts. If you go to one of our participating dentists (you can look them up on this website), you will simply pay a copay (the complete list of copays for your state is also available on this website).

If you choose to go out of network and use your own dentist, the plan will simply pay a fixed dollar amount through the “supplement portion” of the plan.

In addition, you will be eligible for a HUGE bonus of $200 per person each year if you choose an in-network dentist for your bi-annual cleanings! The supplement allots a $200 annual cleaning benefit that allows you to use any dentist you choose. However, if you choose to get your teeth cleaned by a participating network dentist (which will cost you a mere $5-10 copay), you can have the $200 benefit sent directly to you! That’s like getting a $200 refund which can be used to offset some of your copays and monthly premiums!

For more information, call us anytime at 1-800-326-8881.

This dental plan is underwritten by Assurant Health which is owned by 100-year-old, top-rated Time Insurance and publicly traded on the NYSE. Insurance Depot represents numerous companies all over the country and has been a family-owned agency since 1970. The primary Agent of Record for Assurant is Joey Raab. Click here to find out more about us.

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